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*only available on Windows

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PlayVIG Tutorial

It's easy to enter our free Quests and Leaderboards to test your skills in Rocket League. Check out our short video tutorial to see PlayVIG in action.


Game Requirements

  • English language only
  • Open Rocket League
  • Start the ads before matchmaking 
  • Check you are in the correct game mode for your Contest
  • Competitive mode only
  • Interface and Display Scale must be set to 100%
  • Wait for the scoreboard at the end of your for PlayVIG to record your stats
  • Unsupported - split screens, casual mode, private matches, private servers 
Contest Modes
  • Universal Leaderboards - Competitive only
  • Quests - Check the description

System Requirements

  • Windows 8+ Recommended
  • 1Mbps upload speed or higher
  • Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher



Points Scoring

Points are awarded depending on how well you do in your game, including skill and random elements! Find out more about which contests use points below:

How to Earn Points in Rocket League

Check out how to earn points for Rocket League

Points System

Grand Champion 175
Champion 140
Diamond 130
Platinum 120
Gold 110
Silver 105
Bronze 100

Check the variables chart below to see how you can score extra points

Play on Neo Tokyo 1 200
1200+ Score 1 75
Goals and Saves 10 10
2 Goals within 40 seconds 1 100
Opponent Higher Rank 1 75
Win without Opponent Scoring 1 100
Win within 10 seconds of going into Overtime 1 400

The Fine Print:

- Competitive Only