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PlayVIG Tutorial

It's easy to enter our free Quests  to test your skills in Rainbow Six Siege.


Game Requirements

In order for PlayVIG to grade your game, please ensure:

  • English language settings
  • Finish watching the ads BEFORE queueing for your game
  • If playing fullscreen, don't Alt+Tab during results
  • Windows 8+ recommended
  • Custom UI/UX elements may not be supported
  • Non-standard screen resolutions not supported
  • Ranked game mode only
  • Custom Games, Terrorist Hunt, and Tutorials not supported
  • No Stretching - Games must be played in the same resolution for your desktop resolution and game resolution. Game windows cannot be stretched to larger unsupported resolutions
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Points Scoring

Check out which contests

Weekend Warrior

Daily Grind

How to Earn Points in Rainbow Six Siege

Check out how to earn points for R6

Points System

WIN 130

Check the variables chart below to see how you can score extra points

Myster Operator 1 150
Kills 10 10
Enemy Team Score 0 1 160
Player 6500 Score 1 140
Team Color 1 70
Win with 0 Deaths 1 400