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Weekend Warrior

How to Play

Our Weekend Warrior Leaderboards are now live on PlayVIG! Win your share of guaranteed Leaderboards. Play as many times as you need to for a top score before the timer runs out.

Weekend Warrior Leaderboards pay 50% of the posted scores and, as always, our Leaderboards are 100% free to enter.

How to enter

Weekend Warrior Leaderboards start each Friday at 12pm PST and finish on Sundays at 11:59AM PT.




Most points in 7 Games - Standard Ranked

75,000 paided to 50 finishers


Most Points in 5 Solo, Duo, or Squad games

50,000 paided to 50 finishers


Most points in 6 1v1/2v2/3v3 Competitive as you can 

10,000 paided to 25 finishers

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Record as many Points as you can in 5 Competitive games

5,000 paided to 20 finishers

Record as many Points as you can in 5 Solo Games

5,000 paided to 10 finishers

Most points in 5 Summoner's Rift Ranked Games 

75,000 paided to 50 finishers


Record as many Points as you can in 8 1v1 Ranked Games

10,000 paided to 15 finishers


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