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On October 12, from 10am - 1pm PT, we're upping the payouts for every PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Quest!
Parachute your way to the PUBG Party and get 2,000 VIG Coins for a Solo Chicken Dinner! Or how about 300 Coins for a Top 5 Squad Finish?
In EVERY PUBG Quest we're paying out double the usual VIG Coin payout for as many Quests as you enter during that time.

PUBG Party Payouts

QuestUsual PayoutParty Payout
Winner Winner Solo10002000
Winner Winner Duo7501500
Winner Winner Squad5001000
Top 5 Squad Finish + 2 Kills225450
Top 5 Duo Finish + 2 Kills225450
Top 10 Solo Finish + 3 Kills225450
Top 5 Squad Finish150300
Top 5 Duo Finish150300
Top 10 Solo Finish150300
Record 10 Kills150300
Top 15 Duo Finish + 1 Kill120240
Top 10 Squad Finish + 1 Kill120240
Top 15 Duo Finish80160
Top 10 Squad Finish80160


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VIG Coins can be redeemed in our store for the latest packs, crates & DLC, gift cards, gaming gear and more. We keep it fresh - new items are added regularly.

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