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Grind it out daily and win big


We've taken over 7.5 billion game events within 25 million games and created a points system that weighs all games equally.

1,000,000 VIG Coins Awarded Each Week

Can't get enough of Leaderboards?


Wake up and grind out our new leaderboard, now available every weekday -the Daily Grind. Play ANY game you want in order to earn points to take your share of 250,000 PlayVIG Coins.


Points are earned based on both your performance and random events that can happen in games, so everyone has a chance to win! Don't like your score? Looking to place higher? No problem, only your best score is counted, so keep grinding gamers.


Daily Grind Leaderboards

Start: Mondays at 12PM PT            End: Tuesdays at 11:59AM PT

Start: Tuesdays at 12PM PT            End: Wednesdays at 11:59AM PT

Start: Wednesdays at 12PM PT     End: Thursdays at 11:59AM PT

Start: Thursdays at 12PM PT          End: Fridays at 11:59AM PT


Spend your VIG Coins 

VIG Coins can be redeemed in our store for the latest packs, crates & DLC, gift cards, gaming gear and more. We keep it fresh - new items are added regularly.

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