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*only available on Windows

PlayVIG Tutorial

It's easy to enter our free Quests Leaderboards to test your skills in Brawlhalla. Video tutorial coming soon!

Game Requirements

In order for PlayVIG to grade your game, please ensure:

  • You are playing with English language settings
  • You are playing Ranked games

Points Scoring

We leveled the playing field for gamers of all skill levels by awarding more points for getting wins against tougher competition at higher ranks within your game.


 Brawlhalla Leaderboard Schedule

LeaderboardGuarantee (VIG Coins)Start timeEnd time
Weekend Warrior75,000Fridays at 12:00PM PTSundays at 12:00PM PT
Sunday Second Chance50,000Sundays at 12:00PM PTMondays at 12:00PM PT
Skills - Most Points in 5 Games10,000Monday - Thursday
Daily at 12:00PM PT
Tuesday - Friday
Daily at 12:00PM PT