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PlayVIG is your direct connection to both casual and hardcore gamers alike through an economy that turns gameplay into real prizes and rewards.   Empowering gamers to maximize the value of their attention through our advertiser funded prize pools, PlayVIG is facilitating a uniqiue and authentic connection between brands and gamers.

Running a campaign with PlayVIG ensures that your brand will not only reach gamers/esports consumers, but will create a positive association between the two which leads to brand loyalty.

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Competition Sponsorship

Sponsoring the various competitions on PlayVIG ensures your brand will stay top of mind with our users.

- Weekend Warrior sponsorship

- Sunday Second Chance sponsorship

- Sponsor a Leaderboard that is exclusive to your brand

- Sponsor specific Quests or ALL Quests within a game

- Other exclusive sponsorship opportunities available

Video Advertising


Prior to every stage of competition, our users opt-in to view premium vide ads in return for contest entry. Video ad unit pricing is “cost per view” – which means if the ad is not viewed to completion, the advertiser will not be billed, GUARANTEED.

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Feature your product in the PlayVIG Store

Looking to increase sales, launch a new product or gather priceless feedback from the gaming community on a recent product release? PlayVIG can help you do this and more.

Additional Opportunities

Increase awareness, leads and sales through a variety of additional opportunities with PlayVIG.


Advertiser Satisfaction is Key to the PlayVIG Ecosystem

The entire PlayVIG ecosystem is dependent on keeping our advertisers happy. Not only will our highly dedicated team of Brand Ambassadors create a fully customized campaign specific to your brand’s goals, but will also work to manage and optimize the traffic to ensure a positive ROI.

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