we ♥ gaming

Get To Know Us

The Company

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, PlayVIG consists of a group of gamer nerds enthusiasts. Our team is passionate about gaming and want everyone to be able to participate in esports - whatever their skill level. Our vision is to create the most fun, exciting and rewarding gaming experience by injecting competition and value into the world’s most popular games.

What we don't do

We never ask for any banking information from you, and are 100% free to play. We don't ask for your in-game passwords and will never ask for the ability to share your account with us. We award VIG Coins based on revenue from our advertisers and will never promote hacks or cheats in any games.

The People

We're a diverse group of people from all over the world but are all united by a love of gaming. Aside from trying to be the best gamer in the office we do have a few other interests! Basketball (spectating only!), yoga, drinking martinis, football (American), football (European), working out, cats, dogs, pizza, poker, eating out, shopping, and rap. All from our home in Las Vegas!