how to win cash and prizes

Get started now

step 1

Download PlayVIG

PlayVIG is currently only available on PC.

We recommend your system have the following capabilities:

  • 1 Mbps or better upload speed
  • Windows 7 or higher
  • At least 110MB of hard drive space
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768



step 2

Sign up & verify your email

We’ll send you a verification email after you created your account. Make sure to click the link to verify your email.


step 3

Choose and launch your game

Select from the available games.

If you don't see your favorite game, check back soon. We're adding new games regularly.



step 4

Check the game requirements

Each game has its own set of requirements. These must be followed so PlayVIG can grade your results.

These include supported game modes, in-game settings and PlayVIG grading conditions. 



Choose a Quest, Blitz or Leaderboard

Quests: Complete the objectives to win VIG Coins. The harder the task, the more you win. Available 24/7.

Blitz*: As soon as the minimum number of players join, the Blitz will begin. Winner takes all! *Coming soon!

Leaderboards: Compete against others. Move up the Leaderboard to win more VIG Coins. Keep trying - only your best result counts. The prize pool increases the more people play.




Follow the prompts

The PlayVIG app tells you what to do each step of the way

Start Quest: Watch a short video ad (purple prompt)

Launch your game: Open the game on your PC

Play: Wait for the prompt that the Quest is active (green prompt)

Pending Results: Wait while PlayVIG grades your game (yellow prompt)

Final Results: Win or lose and try again! (purple prompt)


Spend your VIG Coins 

VIG Coins can be redeemed in our store for the latest packs, crates & DLC, gift cards, gaming gear and more. We keep it fresh - new items are added regularly.