Brawlhalla Leaderboards

Fight for money... and an AKRacer gaming chair

We are now proud to offer Brawlhalla Leaderboards! Join the Weekend Warrior starting Friday August 24 and post your best score in 10 games to secure your spot on the Leaderboard.

It's the final weekend of our AKRacing gaming chair giveaway so every player who posts a score on the Leaderboard will get a raffle entry to win an AKRacing Premium Series chair in cobalt black, valued at $499.

Points System

Play 10 ranked 1v1 games of Brawlhalla and earn points for your skills during the games. Your rank and stats will combine together to give you the final score. If you aren't happy with your score, or think you can do better, just play another 10 games. Only your best final score counts, so you have the chance to keep playing to improve your game, and win your share of VIG Coins.